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Efficient Selectors

Simple example:

A single relay A executes:


This will turn all devices tagged as a ‘light’ to off. The most efficient way to do this is use a broadcast for certain devices, in this case the ZigBee devices.

  1. Relay executes code, triggering two asynchronous network events
  2. The relay sends unicast network traffic to the single 6loWPAN light… and at the same time sends a broadcast ZigBee message to the ZigBee lights.

Selectors Across Physical Locations

When you have a selector which spans multiple locations, DeviceJS distributes commands to multiple locations simultaneously:

Back to our example code


If this script was executed in a DeviceJS configuration such as below from relay A:


then relay A would determine that all lights were on downline relays.

The steps would be:

  1. Relay A evaluates the script, and sees that all the devices are off relays B and C. It sends a message stating it’s reached this portion of the script, and B and C need to execute it from this point.
  2. Relays B and C would turn off the lights.


Selectors may be used to trigger events. Here a motion sensor is added into the scenario. Relay B talks to this motion sensor. When looking at this example, remember that DeviceJS scripts run on a system of relays, not a single relay. So the same script is residing at every relay, and is actively running. (In this case waiting for ‘motion’). [How it works]


function func1(){
dev$.trigger('motion', func1);


  1. Relay B gets a message from the motion sensor. This event is mapped to the functionfunc1func1() executes. Locally it immediately turns on the locally connected light. It also sends a message to the upline relay A that the motion event has happened.
  2. The upline relay A receives the message that ‘motion’ has occurred and passes the message to other relays – the only other relay is C. It also executes func1 which does nothing locally.
  3. Relay C recieves the message of ‘motion’ triggering the execution of func1. It turns its local lights on.

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