JavaScript for the physical world

deviceJS is free and open source

The JavaScript Engine for the Internet of Things

Built on node.js. An open runtime for IoT.

An IoT runtime

deviceJS is like jQuery for IoT. It lets you build node.js/io.js web applications while selecting, controlling and listening to a large variety of smart devices. deviceJS can autodetect many devices, and provides hooks for event changes and device discovery. It has protocol and schema support for many IoT frameworks.

Open Source

It's built on node.js with its source entirely available, including support for common protocols already in use (Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc.) You can quickly use deviceJS to interconnect and build smart environments and automated systems. deviceJS runs on x86 and ARM CPUs, with support for maker platforms like Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, and Beagle boards.

IoT + the Web

deviceJS makes it possible to connect smart devices of any brand or protocol into one system, with one language, or build your own system to control the Internet of Things the way you see fit. It can work with or contain standard node.js Web apps, enabling rapid creation of Web applications with support for many popular smart devices.